The Feelings

Sun, 11/23/2014 - 18:56 -- 1001635

I melt in his gaze

my heart beats out his praise

could love feel so real

like I'm naked in a field

a chill runs up my spine when I see him, divine

I wish to call him mine

but these feelings I must hide

for I cannot decide

to take the risk, to risk it all

only for him my name to call

I freeze when he speaks my name

frozen in a burning flame

is it wrong to have passion for him

when he barely notices I exist

these unreasonable feelings I feel

to call him mine would be surreal

for surely I must keep this inside my head

to have everyone know would bring immense dread

my love I must hide

these feelings I deny

for he will never ever know

the feelings I will never show


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