Express Yourself

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When I was younger I walked with the owls Knowing not who I was drifting to friends Ditching my class, ignoring my moms The saddness alone echoed in my head
Poetry is art. A way to release your mind. And haikus are cool.
We have a father in the sky but on earth we are orphans, in lands where contraband and illusions are important. Not I though - my eyes glows with spiritual enlightenment,
waking up late and getting ready for school I rushed on, wearing my nice shoes, walking carefully I somehow manage to step on a muddy spot on the ground triggering a cold stare of realization at the floor it was as
Let your heart and mind fly free Leak your deepest desires and wishes Allow yourself to fill the page And share your knowledge for all to see
Sitting for hours with bleach in your hair Can be tiresome, though it is worth it When you think of the matching clothes you’ll wear,
we tell ourselves we can't live without love, financial stability, a roof above our heads, shoes on our feet, an education. we can't live without a job; we can't have a job without fitting in. and fitting in is what our society is all about. talk
I have an infinite faith that never ends within the obstacles that I face there is a light of hope that shines so bright in my heart and soul. I have an infinite faith that god granted
The late night half lit incandescent bulbs when sleep is synonymous  with the detestable scum scraped off the shoe laying on the floor mate under the bed The smell of dust and cotton
  We finally learn how to work out the rhyme, And we see to move on and not worry for time.
Some people buy those books, That are found at those stores. The books are hidden in nooks, And in cracks in the floors.
Yo- Sometimes, I think I'd rather say words and face scrutiny Than concealing feelings Prudently. Im just being Me, Who are you-to say who I am? Go Ahead, give it a try, talk about the Miles I've Ran, Barefoot
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