That Feeling



Perspiration slowly drips onto face, the butterflies season exceeded in the interior, The brain playing drums with the heart, teeth stabs the tongue-

Shadows of green plastic enter in and about

Drops of water leave their head as well…

Yelling is heard! The yell of life.

The cry of a thousand angels soon danced in the premises

Such high notes never sound so glorious

                  The light shined as the door opened. A small angel was sent.

As I walked into the light... the infant of beauty glowed with diamonds.

As I held her, the softness of her hands, fragile as glass

My touch sent her into her dreamland

My heart began to play smooth piano.  Her eyes were mystical

Her lips red…  Her movements were mesmerizing.

Her sounds were music

                         The feeling of courage, confusion, pain, and happiness mixed

Love fleshed through myself

I’m a father.


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