Fear is Scary


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Run away from fear.

            Face fear head on.


Fear is like the ocean. It is huge and charging and all-consuming.

It will swallow you whole and spit you out completely different.

            Different, yes. Worse, no. It will change you into something better.

            Fear is like an evil twin. The only one that can beat it is you.


Fear will chase you so you must hide.

            Fear will find you no matter where you hide so you must fight it.


It will damage and break you!

            It will only leave scars and memories!


Fear is scary.

            Fear is scary.


It will kill you.

            It will keep you alive.


Fear is what keeps you up at night. It’s the figure in the dark.

It’s the anxiety and paranoia and depression creeping through your veins.

            Fear is what keeps you going through the day. It’s the unknown of tomorrow.

            It’s the curiosity and excitement and wonder spinning around your brain.


Run away from fear: You will never feel pain or sadness.

            Face fear head on: You will sometimes feel pain and sadness, but you will

            also feel joy and surprise and peace.


Run away from fear and you will start to disappear.

            Face fear head on and you will start to grow.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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