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To be unliked was a chain a chain of insecurity  a chain of anxiety a chain of despair a chain of fear fear which dug deep into my soul and took hold of my greater purpose inside me
Hello. This is for you. The broken down the tired the weary, and damp. Held down by questions of why of who, of how did my life end up this way. I want to let you know that it's okay.
Be confident in yourself Be fearless  Be respectful Be a good friend to everyone Be strong  Be kind Be giving But don't let people tell you what you can and cannot be
Health never lies in this time and age With little to hide and memories that fade Death and Life fight out in the day, Waiting for something to ease the pain  
Run away from fear.             Face fear head on.   Fear is like the ocean. It is huge and charging and all-consuming. It will swallow you whole and spit you out completely different.
She dips her purple, sparkling toe in the pool glowing blue and waddles to the diving board, steps onto its stage. Her round, sunburned cheeks
Stop being a liarOwn up to your mistakesStop being a liar Don't you see you're a disgrace ? Stop being a liarTears falling down my faceStop being a liarYou're a manipulating slave
They say that The most successful people Do hard things Even when they are hard And they don't want to do them But, they do it anyway.   I guess fear is there Fear of an out of comfort
Fall into it The rage Anger pulsing underneath my skin The sadness Ripping into my dreams, finding home in my failures The procrastination
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