Fear That Bounds Me

By day
powered and unafraid,
By night
tired and afraid.

Tired of all the lonesomeness
Afraid of accepting love...
Who am I to reject
what has been set in motion from those above?

Day in and day out,
I try to overcome my fear
of nothingness.
I tire of putting forth a fake.
What is the point if there is nothing beyond me.
Nothing but darkness, 
no light,
no sun.
Just nothing.

A boy who looks like sunshine,
he has a family of warmth.
He enters my life and shows me happiness.
He stands by my side,
supporting, smiling, encouraging.
He does it all.

He uncovers my fear of nothingness,
he shows me a better way.
Nothing can be something,
but only if you take the right steps.

Smell the flowers on your walk,
Smile at strangers
so they may smile back.
Remind people of happy times,
you will become happy.
Do things for yourself!
Don't explain yourself,
but make yourself.

By day
ecstatic and rejuvenated,
By night
I am the same.

Having everything I dreamed of
Accepting the love of everything around me...
I have accepted the things
that has been set in motion from those above.

Day in and day out,
I conquered my fear.
I finally put forth myself.
The point is everything is in front of me.
the light,
the hope.
The everything.

I am free.

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