She doesn't care where you are coming from or going to
She doesn't  care how old you are or how wise you've become

She doesn't look if you dress expensive or poorly
She doesn't care if your hair is blonde or brown

She doesn't look at your successes in life or the ones you want to do
She is like the monster your thought it was under your bed at night

She can come and live your life if she wants or it can stay
She doesn't need no sort of permission 

She only needs your mind to work with
She can drive you crazy

She can make you lose your patience
She wants to see you tremble in the eyes of your worst enemy


But who said you can't control her

At the end of the end the day the one who owns the mind is you

Because fear only exists if you let it be

Because SHE... she targets the weakest of all

Don't let that be you. 


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