A Father's Love

Your mother and I worked

like bee's making sweet honey to create you.

Though I didn't carry you for nine months, you have come from me

and from my seed you have blossomed.


I have built you up

far too high to let any man




Because I love you.

With words of encouragement, I breathe life into you

so that whenever the enemy tries to tell you what you are not

you can tell them what you are.


Do not be discouraged.

I will lift you back up when you fall

and forgive you when you can't find the courage to forgive yourself.

Because I love you.


You are everything I've ever dreamed of and then some.

I thank God everyday for blessing me with you.

You are a work of art.


A masterpiece.


I am your protector, and I would give my life for you

Because I love you.


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