Fatherless Child


People wonder what my problem is

And of course when I say people I mean my friends

I personally don't think that I have a problem at all

Cause it's plain to see that that it's just me

Being me

But still I must explain why I act this way

Even though it's not hard to see that I'm just as plain as day

You see my father left when I was only three

For a lady who I always thought was mean

But what do you expect

She broke my family in two and had me singing the blues

Not only did the situation break my family in two

But it broke me in two

Broke me down

Ripped me in half

Had me feeling ,oh so bad

So I did what any other kid would do

Instead of being sad I got mad and said ,"To hell with my dad!"

I don't need him in my life

He disturbed my peace of mind, and he always told me lies

I was so angry, I needed a release

So I yelled

I screamed

I fought

I bled

And I cursed

Until there was nothing left

I finally sat down a while and thought

Ha ! You know it's funny

He really had us fooled

Talking about how he loves me, my mom, and my sisters too

How dare he treat us that way !

Like we were his little toys....

Talking with us...

Laughing with us...

Hugging us!!

Kissing us!!!

Hugging me!!! 

Kissing me !!

Saying that I'll always be your babygirl

Nigga please !!

How dare you put your hands on me !!!

I'm not stupid !!!

I wasn't born yesterday!!!

Do I look like Booboo the Fool to you ?!

I know everything about you !!

You know ever since you left I haven't been able to have a good relationship with

ANY guy

Because I'm afraid the same thing will happen to me

And it has...

More times than I'd like to remember....

But of course you wouldn't know that 

Considering the fact that you haven't been in my life for 12 years

You know what else is funny ?

It's so obvious that you regret everything that you did

We see it in your eyes

We hear it in the sad love songs you listen to

Laugh out loud man !

Everytime you come around it's always the same 

You sit there staring at my mother with want and need

You look pathetic every time

So..... now that you know my story I guess you

could say that I have issues

But let's face it.... 

Who doesn't these days ?




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