Father, Father


Epigraph: Parents are in fact teachers, and though we feel that we can tell them anything, sometimes it is to them who we can't say our "sh*t." So, this is something I would like to tell one of my teachers, my father.


Father, father

Please understand me when I tell you

That I wanna become a writer

To explain how I see the horrible world.


Father, father

Please understand that I’m still lost

In this delusion that all of this will work,


Father, father

Take it easy on my brother

He’s a fragile tall toothpick

And your words can sometimes hurt.


Father, father

These people that are listening

They don’t know what they’ve been given

They aren’t as strong as me

So don’t give them what you think they deserve.



I’ll remember when you told me

I wanna see the hunger in your eyes,

I wanna believe that you’re manly.



Trust me I’ll reminisce

Of the strength you’ll carry, into the abyss

The fortified attitude, that life is truly cruel.

But be strong young son and break wind by sticking

to our

orthodox rules.



I’ll find what you were looking for

A good son to uphold the values that keep me warm

At night.


I’ll find bravery in what you give me

I’ll deem courage in what you expect from me

I’ll push harder when you think I’m weak.



Father, father

Don’t lose sight of me just yet

I’m just a little boy

Delusional of what really goes on in the world.

I may be the torturer’s horse, scratching my innocent behind

But I’ll grow mature

And wise

Be a sage, but I’ll stay kind.



Don’t worry.

Continue –

To yell at me.


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