Father Blues


I'm confused

I dont know if i should love you or hate you

you never felts my mom's pain

but you always felt mine

you just never realized that my pain

blossomed from my mother's agony

we loved you, we just wanted to be a family

all you ever gave us was instability

because of you, we had to flee

feeling like prisoners in our own home

it was a must to leave

that only enraged your deluded self

never stopping to realize that you were the on at fault

you blamed others, never did it cross your mind that it was you that put us through hell

mom hesitated the most to leave you

took her almost getting killed for her to see that it had to come a halt

so you see?

i have these feelings of insecurity

about my own father

the one who should have been there

from the beginning to the end

Loving us

Supporting us

Teaching us


Scaring us

Abusing us

Hurting us

Therefore, I am entitled to this feeling

til' one day i reach a point of healing


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