Fate of Mentality

Tue, 02/14/2017 - 11:26 -- Edward4

Sometimes I think, I think a lot. I’ve never had a moment without melancholy thought.

I ask what it’s like to die, or how one could do it.

I think about life, and how I’ll get through it.

Do I hold value, and do I have meaning?

Towards what fate of thought am I leaning?

Am I going insane, or simply mad?

Can I feel emotion, or am I constantly sad?

We all die one day, so is it all worth it?

We work tirelessly through life, then die, and desert it.

If I think this way, then where’s my will to hold my life?

Though my pensive, distressed stages of strife?

That’s a big question I still ponder today,

So which way will I lean? To die, or to stay?

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i understand life is not fair and i always  question why. would it really be easier if i die 

so your not alone, everyone has a story its those who wish for theirs to be told

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