Falling All Over Again

He knows what he's doing,
Yet his love is just a game,
False hope, it's just another thing i'm losing,
And it slowly drives me insane.

She grinds on him in front of me,
All of this at my junior prom,
Being better is something I wish to be,
But it's difficult where I come from.

He tells me he loves me in bed,
But shouldn't speak one word on the street,
All of these lies I've been fed,
But it doesn't matter in the sheets.

He told me that he loved me,
Then later said it wasn't true,
He gets angry because I'm stuck like a tree,
Roots planted, for anyone can take my fruit.

I'm setting myself up again,
And I know I'm doing that,
My guards are down for no one to defend,
Could it be I'm ugly, or because I'm fat?

I can't figure out my worth,
Whether its because she's skinny, or I'm just gross,
All he does is make it worse,
When he touches me, I scream don't.

But my body betrays me,
My voice is nothing but silent,
He gets everything I have for free,
Everything including my intellegence.

Over again, I say,
I want for this to stop,
I wonder about it every day,
I think twice, because I think not.

This poem is about: 
My community


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