Fallen Crow


(This is poem styled story which I picture when I listen to the 30 Seconds to Mars song Stranger in a Strange Land. So sorry if it doesn't make sense, some of the stuff is literal, while others are symbolic)


Open your eyes,

slowly, or the light will burn.

Look around you,

something new at every turn.

Feels like someone's watching,

better not to sit and wait.

The darkness shall chase you,

before you've had a taste of fate.


An explosion of dark feathers,

have errupted from your back.

You musn't stop running,

even it feels like you might crack.

Through a maze of white trees,

you sob and sprint with eyes closed.

Finally, catch your breath,

at an edge where river flows.


Look again, and see yourself,

you've changed from head to toe.

Little do you know,

there's yet another foe.

Beyond you face, 

there's someone there.

Excited at first,

for one that you will share.


You lean in, and reach out,

too eager to take a breath.

Only to be grabbed from below,

and dragged into the depths.

your wings and water do not mix,

so down, and down you sink.

The world is not cold or warm,

but alive with every blink.


A large mass, swims around you,

unsure it's there to dance or eat.

New creatures flow, here and there,

to have fun, race and meet.

Sinking to the bottom,

where a new light is found.

Stand on the face of a clock,

where time shall pass without a sound.


One moment, the ground is there,

and in the next, it's not.

Shattering across and through,

there is no time for thought.

The fragments rise and float,

but it is you who sinks below.

Out the other end of sky,

falling like a broken crow.


Air rushes in your ears,

with wind huming in your head.

Nowhere to run or stop,

flecks of fear are colored red.

Falling, falling through the sky of loss,

unsure of how long it's yet to last.

Your eyes have watered from the speed,

will your end be just as fast?


The fall has stopped,

your arms cuffed high.

Upon a crest you hang,

and voices saying the end is nigh,

Like bees the voices buzz,

like monks they sway and hum.

The speed of voices rising,

bleeds your ears to numb.


Waiting for a sign,

waiting for more pain.

Your feathers turn to white, 

and fall like petal rain.

What are you now?

Are you human or part bird?

Your wings have gone,

but muttering is still heard.


Scream and shout, your desires,

your prison chains have burst.

You fight your way just to stand,

and cry out, why you have been cursed.

Is this how it ends?

Where should you look to now?

The beast above,

as sinned as the saint below.

Good and evil, God or Demon?

Why is the mind so small and narrow?


Their eyes seems to peel you,

so you borough into your shell.

You remember what you fight for,

you and stand and break the spell.

No one can hold you down,

this curse is not for you.


What has been forced to be,

was never really true.

From wings that weren't meant to fly,

to being pulled into your sorrow.

Let you control yourself,

release your golden arrow.


The sun shall crack through the clouds,

to all who have taken your soul to claim,

Those who flight and hold you back,

have melted and become the same.

That sun has dried the demons,

the wind has blown them all away.

But without these trial of love and hate,

you would not be, who you are today.



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