I'm hating the state of mind I seem to currently reside in

I've been left defenseless if feels like the world has got me running and hiding

Nothing seems right anymore with how this pressure is making me feel

The pain that has overcome me is about to go in for the kill

It's like these emotions

Are the only things provoking

Me from exploding and choking

The happy alter ego I have to always put on for these jokers

When in reality I'm being eaten alive and I can't even stop it

The real me isn't even here

I swear to God sometimes I feel like I'm barely existing

Not a single ounce of the real me is even living

I am slowly letting go and my mentality is already giving

Just a moment 

For the real me to completely abolish

And I try to find my true self but it has already been stolen

The mask may never be broken



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