The Fable of The Blistered



The Gay Boy

was broiling

in himself

and the earth

kept spinning.

The Gay Boy

stepped out
Himself to
escape The
fire. But, no.

'Fitting in'
finished the
job. How dare
He think un-

Must not have
Jesus Or
space left In
his closet.

But, no. There
was one more
Boy. No one
smelled The smoke
through The door.

Seven minutes
and he
may really be in

He tried to
Save him. But,
Do you see

what they do?

Smoke you out,

Like bees and
bears and Bi's
and shit and
The wind picks
Up. No halt.

Moments of
Silence are
for people
with Names and
what have you.

But, no. There's
theme in this
silence: "The
Fable of
The Blistered."

Though, Earth won't
Stop dancing,
there's just one
season for
The hunted.

Homes in to
Won't stop fires
from burning.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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