In The Eyes Of A Sock

I lost my huband again,

We always go through this cycle, 

     And while I'm safely tucked away in your room you look for my other half in the lost and found, laundry hamper, washer, dryer, fridge, pantry, and many other nonsensical places.

     The only reason I'm not worried about him is because I'm being optimistic, too optimistic for my own good.

     I go through some pretty gruesome stuff every day; dirt, dust, sweat, and even mud, but none of that is as painfully disgusting as him being ripped away from me.

     I know you'll give up soon, and when you do, I'll be paired with someone who doesn't match with me.

     I can already feel our personalities clashing as you give up on finding my love,

And after a month, I'll be lost and you'll give up on me

     Yet your only worries are how your clothes fit, or how your grande decaf latte has no soy in it.

     To be honest, I'm envious, for you, everything must be so amazing, yet you turn a blind eye to it.

     Smile more, put your head up, speak with certainty, and walk with purpose; You only have one life, so live it for me and my husband.

Nothing can be awed without and audience, nothing can be awed by itself.

     Nothing can be awesome without and audience, nothing can be awesome by itself, you have to will it to be awesome.

With that beautiful willpower of yours, you can make everything awesome.

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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