In the Eyes of Another

In the eyes of another,

who’s there by the sill,

quietly sitting,

perfectly still.


Eyes that are clouded,

lips turning down.

Her silence to others

is frighteningly loud.


Her eyes fill with tears,

but she blinks them away.

She gets up and walks

to her room, where she’ll stay.


She crawls on the bed,

curls into a ball.

Those people knew nothing,

nothing at all.


She cries it all out,

her heart in despair,

but then she gets up,

and starts brushing her hair.


She puts on her make-up,

picks out some clothes,

and goes into a world

where nobody knows.


Nobody knows

the pain in her heart,

or how much she wishes

for a brand new start.


She pulls up her wall

that blocks out all others

who will never see life through

the eyes of another.

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