Eye to Eye

Rosa, Martin, and I
We agree, see eye to eye.
Ain't we all equal?
Ain't we all people?

Susan, Sojourner, and I
Also see eye to eye.
“Ain't I a woman?”
Just as good as any man?

Only fools disagree
Let me be who I wanna be.
No man can hold me back
Just because I'm black.

Lord rest your soul,
But I've achieved my goal.
We are equal, you and I
Though we don't see eye to eye.



I really like how you speak directly to the historical figures in the poem, because it really shows how although times have changed, many individuals still have to fight for their own rights, and the ability to be respected. Have you ever written a sonnet? Check out how and more in the "Resources" section.


Thank you for the feedback; it really is nice to know that someone likes what I've done. I don't believe I ever have written a sonnet, but maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

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