Thu, 01/17/2019 - 14:57 -- Hlucas

Rest your head upon my fragile shoulder,

Let my bones be your tired pillars.

Craving death, it's nothing new

You always tell me of your ache to bleed

Your soul has been starved

This injustice that is life is the darkness

That creeps up the walls as the sun sets at night.

Your dissatisfaction is the epitomy of everything

You've ever dreamed of collapsing 

Distress overwhelms your being

Rejection has become a fine wine 

Tilting the glass so the beverage merely splashes

Against your stiff smile

Lines have formed between your furrowed brows

Run my calloused fingertips across them

Attempt to erase them

But your solemn glare at the world remains cemented

"Life is tough," they say, "but you're tougher"

Unfortunately, you are the living proof that this is not true.

I know this because you are me

I am exasperated, life is excruciating

I get up to see another day, this life is not over yet.

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