The Excluder and the Cripple

You cannot cry for them,

They don’t care.

They don’t,

And it’s that simple.


She excludes you on purpose,

Pushes you away.

You thought she was your friend,

But I guess you thought wrong.

Once you can drive,

You don’t need to mooch from her.


But he’s supposed to be different.

He’s supposed to be.

He’s supposed to be your best friend

And he is.

But what is he doing?

Is he hurting you on purpose?

Pushing away too?


How embarrassed are you

To wear your heart,

Usually so guarded,

On your sleeve 

For them.

The excluder

And the crippler.

It took a lot to tell them,

And they killed you,

Tore through you,

Like soggy toilet paper.


The excluder seems purposeful,

Glancing to make sure you are watching

As she laughs with them about something

You were uninvited to.


And he does nothing to stop it,

Not even after you ask

“What is going on?”

You need only be told,

That you can’t know

By him.

Because you trust him,

Even if he does hurt you.

For you know it is unintentional.


So why does it still sting

Just as much? 

This poem is about: 
My family


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