Evil Loves Too.

violent lashes result from smokeless actions,
he was attracted to the sight of pain with the haymakers
you rain to reign through fear, you care less who's
near, baby bundle of joy even gets a pitched ear as
momma yells sincere, Stop Mutha Fucka before or
I'm calling the cops so beware, And he ask, The cops
will be where? Not here as each belt swing voices 
the swear words gathered from the pits of within,
so black and blue, he smiles from at the thought of
her not breathing, until... the truth was finally told 
by her scalpels exploring her whole explaining the
story of a her that prepares to get buried in a hole,
baby bundle of joy seeks a new home with family
kept blind to the evil that he owned, as for him,
a setting behind bars befriended gloomier incarnates
who would scrape and carve his face, WIFE KILLER,
his new alias, for 8 years, beaten until the day he quit,
he wanted to apologize, he wanted to be with her...
_Shaun Poet


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