Everything's alright

I'm here don't, don't cry, I haven't learned much in school yet, but I know how to say don't cry. I'm here, its alright, I know you don't think I know what's going but he's strong he'll be alright. I'm here, don't worry the cops just kicked down the door their here to protect us right? Mommy, how come uncle Bleach goes and comes again? Whenever he's around I don't want to bring my friends. Mommy, what's going on? Why is he whooping his girlfriend in my room? I'm tired and I got to get ready for school soon. Mommy, where you been? I was locked outside and had to to go stay with a friend. Mom, I need some space. Everyday its something in this place. Mom, I'm sorry you had to come to the school, I didn't know I was breaking the rules.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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