Everything was Good

The beauty uplifted me.

The world chaotically bustled about as I watched

Breathing in the noise and the movement and the disorder

I used to lose sleep over the howls of fear and failure and confusion

That so easily feed upon people and the silly problems people have 

The beasts whispered in my ear, telling me that beauty was nonexistent


But then I inhaled the universe with a single breath

And as I consumed it, it consumed me

I felt its beauty and it recognized mine

And I realized that I am the one controlling the fear and failure and confusion

And in that moment, I was untouchable

I let go of the beasts that had held my eyes shut


I saw Good in everything,

And everything was Good.


My father’s voice and the strums on his guitar drifting to the top of the house

The ride to lunch in an aged, battered Volkswagen beetle

Laughter at 2:00 am on a Thursday

And the oversized t-shirt hanging off of me at every football game


My friends and the messes we make and the trouble we cause

The abandoned hospital on dark October nights

His arm hanging over my shoulder as we listen to human noise

Her eyes crying happy tears with sore ribs and cheeks


Handwritten notes and flowers and black coffee

And nervous first kisses in desolate parking lots

Exploring and getting lost until you lose yourself completely

Wandering through life until you find… you again


Life is beautiful.


The rain falls so the flowers can bloom

And so it goes with our lives, too

Even nothingness has loveliness

And gives meaning and worth to the world


Everything was Good,

And I saw Good in everything.



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