For Everything I Didn't Know

Stabbing in your heart,
Cold as ice, 
Sharp as a knife,
Having been there from the start,
Something wrong, something not right,

Locked away behind barred doors,
The only key fallen through the cracks in the floor,
Trapped in the dark,
Lost, hidden away,
Gone so long, you’ve forgotten the joy of the day.

A tattered feather,
And a shattered look,
All your strength they took,

Wings untested,
By the rages of the wind,
Completely, utterly defeated.
Why I ask do you hide your heart away?
Simply because you have known no other way.

Can I not be a light?
Can I not set the wrongs right?
I know it, you know it.
It is your own path,
With your own seeds of hope you must sew it.

Pain you feel,
Pain I feel, watching you struggle to heal,
“Break free!” I say,
It cannot be, you are lost and do not know the way.
Hope forsaken,
I only hope you prove me mistaken.

Cannot even a broken man stand?
Cannot the blind see?
Can the leper touch another’s hand?
Maybe, maybe, perhaps maybe, in dreams we are free.


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