To Everyone That's Hurting


United States
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We sit here and cry
Reminiscing on the times
That you were on earth with us.
The love you showed,
The stories you told
All became a part of us.

We’ll miss you like peanut butter misses jelly
Like Beyoncé misses Kelly
Like the earth would miss the Sun
Like number two without number one.
The words you spoke will dwell in our hearts
Always and forever even when we’re far apart.

I keep reminding myself that you’re in heaven now
But it still hurts.
I wish the words “I’m sorry for your loss” would make everyone feel better.
But how can that be when you’re gone forever?

I hate that you’re gone,
That we won’t see you again.
But I won’t be selfish.
Because this –
This is your win.

You’ve won a chance to be with God.
To be where there is no pain and no sorrow.
So I’ll keep my head up and be strong for those around me.
Because life is mine for the living.
I look forward to tomorrow.

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