Everybody Loves A...


Everybody loves a girl that is confident.

Everybody loves a girl that is beautiful.

But you never really see a good guy go for the not so pretty girl.

The not so out-spoken girl.


Everybody loves a boy who's an athlete.

Everybody loves a boy who has a lot of friends by his side.

But you never really see a hot girl go for the loner guy.

The guy who doesn't have many friends.


But every loner boy loves a loner girl.

Every loner girl loves a loner boy.

The boys who don't talk much, but can sing like an angel.

The girls who don't speak up for anything, but writes her heart out in her poetry.


Every boy loves a girl.

Every girl loves a boy.

It just depends what type of boy or girl you love.

Be them a loner or a prep, they all love someone.


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