Eternal Words

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 19:19 -- Mic722

Thoughts, opinions, ideas

Circulate through the world.

Everyone has them-

Young children, 

"I wanna go to the park today!"


"I wish we had less homework!"

And adults, 

"I can't wait until my paycheck comes!"

Our lives revolve around us.

In a world with so many, 

How can any be heard?

Some shout, 

Anger, frustation, lonliness, 

Empty words into the void. 

Some create art, 

Paint, graphite, tiles, 

Swirling, transforming thoughts, pain, hopes into beauty.

I write,

Earnestly, joyfully, abundantly, 

Changing 26 simple letters into vivid images.

Letting people see me, 

My ideas, my dreams, my soul,

With no bias, no pre-formed objections.

Behind paper, I am strong. 

My metaphors are giants, moving mountains.

My imagery is bright, colourful, gently like the sunrise.

My words creating things that cannot possibly exist without me

Behind paper, I am eternal.

The whole world may not hear me.

My words may no move stars.

But surely someone will find a paper,

Somehow, somwhere, someday,

With my words on it.

And they will read it 

And see me, hear me.

Through unknowing time and distance, 

I am heard, 

and maybe even understood. 

And maybe they'll find that I understand them too. 

Maybe in a world of isolation of indifference, 

People can find common ground with me, 

And together, we will not be alone.


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