Et Tu, Brute?

Raised voice over raised ears. 

your eyes glazed with apathy towards my tears.

Is Brutus your muse?

The stoic that caused such abuse.

Passion over rationale.

Down the drain goes my morale.

You can say 'I love you' ten times a day.

Words with no action quickly stray away.

The atmosphere feels heavy when you enter the room.

Bitterness and negativity hang like perfume.

When did you change?

When did laughter become strange?

I keep searching for the missing puzzle piece.

To find that closeness again, it's my only caprice.

But I guess I'm too old to pretend.

I can't hope that one day our hearts will mend.

You've never provided a bandage, just a lesion.

Your definition of relationship breaks down to no cohesion.

I've always believe it's never too late. 

But I can't just sit here and wait.

I'm moving on into a new season.

I hope the distance may bring you reason.







Well done. I love it.


Well done. I love it.

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