From Escalators to Stairs


Imagine you were a boy

born with a big head

Your parents thought you were smart

with a cranium that feels like lead

As I grew up in many places

Learned in many schools

My goal for grades were secondary

And for my parents to think I'm cool

School was easy for me

With a big brain and ego than most

Which came around and bit me

When graduation came close

School just then got harder

My grades were starting to fall

I looked to my distorted reflection

It felt like a curtain call

Such a thing never felt this bad

It's like falling from Cloud Nine

I took my belt to fit my neck

To see if it could bind

All because I found

something distracting that I loved

I failed to make my parents smile

Who are looking from above

But then I thought of the distraction 

My frown went upside-down

So I fell further and hit the suface 

and I realized what I found

It's not the distraction that ruined me

It's something that I enjoy

There's nothing wrong with a hobby

That releases your inner boy

But that can't help you in school

He only sees what he wants

So when the time comes, put that boy away

And show you have yet to daunt

It's not the head that your parents love

It's for what who you are

Stairs mean more work than escalators

But you'll be garunteed to go far


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