Equal Opportunity


Dear teacher,I wanna break the hierarchy of school and dole out equal opportunityI want our education system to step up, and then I want continuityI want inspiration to flow out of every doorAnd motivation seeping from every poreI want to look to my peers and see college bound studentsNot just people bound to become products of their environmentI want low drop out rates and high GPA's because everyone's goal is to get good gradesI look around me now and see people here just to be hereYet I wish my fellow students could focus and actually be hereI want to surpass the expectations of our nationAnd become something better than what they perceive of our generationBecause we want the opportunity, wish we could reach out and take itIf you give it, we'll want it, the chance to actually make itSo dear teacher this is what I ask of youAnd if you're willing, someday this will benefit you tooHelp me to rouse an entire generationTo get on their feet and find their inspirationBecause I want to break the hierarchy of school and dole out equal opportunityTo those who never thought they had enough creativityI want to stimulate a new group of leaders and thinkersMold them from lazy to movers and shakersI want to resemble our ancestors who shook up the sixtiesBy being loud and equally heard we'll write our own historyStudents should be inspired to work not twerkAnd yolo shouldn't invite stupidity, but hard workOur legacy is in danger, so do me a favorAnd help me to rouse this group into a fervorTurn their unused potentialInto impressive credentialsInspire them and they'll do the restBecause all we want is to break the hierarchy of school and receive equal opportunityAnd then we want our education system to step up, and after the we want continuity


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