Equal Gay Rights


Tell me do you think I am blind?
To the continuous jabs from mankind?
Or maybe you would like to just keep me behind
In step with those composed and confined
In a world where equality is so restricted and unkind.
Maybe you don’t realize that our fates are intertwined
And to keep them from being them is to make them lose their minds.
What are you preventing? Besides the very stars that are supposed to align.
I’ve never seen such a country that held such support and hate combined.
Maybe one day equality will be redefined
To actually meaning egalitarianism or fairness refined.

Maybe it’s the thought that there is so much we can do.
However, the only prevention is a clouded, judgmental view
That all they need or was without was a religious review
As if it was a mental sickness, a fatal disease, or the common flu.
It sad to have pointed out what you already knew,
Because why would you make a stand? If it does not deal with you.
I thought America was about fighting for justice and something true,
But I don’t understand why when unfair laws were made, America withdrew
As a whole, as a country, as a team as if on queue
When our own citizens need us, it’s if we act brand new.

This hatred and injustice is continuing to be spread.
The fear into being voiceless has weighed heavy on my head.
The fear of my friends’ unhappiness has been what tosses me around in bed,
But because I am not like them, it is not important what I’ve said?!
Maybe I should sit back and be like everybody else, ignorant and misled.
Would you prefer me to witness internal pain instead?
To find hope in teenagers all around and have them be behead.
Let them walk around without life in their eyes, the eyes of the undead.
Never to be coupled up and never to be wed.
Because you saw their pain, you witnessed it, and made your choice, you fled.
And because of stubborn congressmen, overdone and overfed,
The problem of equal rights for gays has become a widespread.

I am not gay, but I am a supporter and I am proud
To say that I wish every day for gay marriage to be allowed.
To be able to stand up in a cowering, weak crowd.
I promise to be a supporter and I will say it loud.
Promoter, fan, enthusiast, whatever you want to say, I am vowed.


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