Under my bed
I lay
Because tonight is just one of those nights
Mama works late

I can hear you stumble
Your scent getting closer
You mumble
I should call mama
But I'm just not suppose to

You break in the door
The hallway light blares
But the darkness you project
Is all I see there

You chuckle a little
I'm glad it's a game
To force from my will
This insidious pain

You lay me down gently
I try to escape
You pull me back quick
And I'm slapped in the face

I know you won't stop
No, not till you're done
What more could you want?
Is enough not enough?

I hear the door open
But there's no one else here
I turn and see mama
Her face cloaked in tears

She pushes you off me
She fights for my life
She throws a quick punch
You pull out a knife

I call the police
They're here in a flash
They've got you in handcuffs
Inside, I just laugh

On my bed
I lay
For I am not afraid
Because tonight is just one of those nights
Mama works late
But you've got a cell mate

And I know you're confused
This was not in your plans
But you'll never
Hurt me again.          



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