The End of the Beginning

I'm moving forward in life.

I need to take the advice.

There's a voice in the back of my head, checking it twice.

Make the right decisions, so that I'll avoid collision.

Simple with conditions, I can speak up for my vision.

Planning the future, stepping into the cold.

I'm used to being young, I need to start becomming old.

I lay down my cards and I never fold.

I'll do what I'm told to eventually strike gold.

This is the end of my beginning.

Moving forward, winning.

Frowning, grinning, obeying, sinning, thickening, thinning. Being.

I reach my potential, stay existential.

Worrying about growing up, but stepping into the unknown's temple.

I've overcome 18 years.

Ready to think clearly and steer clear of all fears.

I have life.

I have chances, each one of them twice.

Experience, under the sunlight and over the moon in the night.

I'm flying high with a kite, swimming low when I bite.

I have an endless number of people who I care about and vice versa.

I'm succeeding at my dreams of developing scenes of things that I haven't yet seen.

Sometimes mean, other times clean.

I lead this life and I'm ready to be.

The end of the beginning came sooner that it seemed.

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