The End


I tried to make you smile .

I tried to make you love me.

 But instead you threw me 

and then you broke me. 

You didn't break me right

away though. Instead it was piece

by piece. To make it worst no one 

could see the damage you did. 

Like a doll you damaged me string 

by string. thread by thread. But you were 

so quick to take my childhood away. My smile was 

no longer more than a grin. My laugh was no longer real. 

Dreams seemed  to be a myth.

Love is a joke. 

No matter how I pray 

No matter how I cry 

The white flag in my hand 

You gave no mercy .

A trapped bird with clipped


Your family was more meaningful 

Than her or him or me.

You just needed us for 

your family's protrait in their family

tree. But why me ? 

 You said you wanted me. 

Was it because I'm the reason she 

suffers and they hurt her? 

Is it because I'm the opposite of a him? 

Because I'm like a mirror towards your 

reflection? I'm strong. I'm nothing. I'm happy . 

I'm worthless. I'm determined.I'm tired.

I'm alone.

Thank you father for the love you've given me for life.



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