Empty Room


I stand alone here in this empty room, 


watching people pass by the windows and watching them live.


Each one of them i watch yet only one stands out to me, 


they walk by every day, same pace and expression.


I watch with fixed eyes, 


as one day they meet a different person. 




The door to this room remains unlocked,


yet i leave it closed for no reason.


I stand inside watching through the window,


instead of opening the door, I stay inside, as to not meddle.


I watch from a distance,


your smile,


your face.


And only because I love you,  


I stay bound within this empty place.  




Time passes away, buried under a stone grave.


Each night, each day.


My window begins to dirty,


and my door starts to break.


I lie awake each night listening to the endless song.


The wind at my window and a knocking on my door, 


my breath, louder than ever, falls in sync with my footsteps. 




Reaching out to grasp at the handle, my hands tremble.


I open it and think to myself,


maybe my empty room 


wont be so empty anymore.




And because I once loved you, and yet i stood there alone,


standing here in front of me on the other side


is another room just like mine.


And now with just two windows, two people and two floors.


Because I once loved you


I move past the boundaries of the door. 




I look back sometimes and wonder,


what could have happened differently


if only I had opened my window instead. 




Yet I stand alone here in this empty room.


Watching people pass by my window and watching them live.


I lay my head down and rest my tired eyes,


for only a few steps away from me is the love of my life. 




So because I love you, my window matters no more.


I'll hang up a curtain, 


and I'll finally lock our door. 



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