Empty Desks

There's no one looking out

For the students at the "ghetto school".

We're taught to pass the standardized tests,

To think enough to make the grade. 

Subliminally, you teach us that we're not worth it.

The new books, extracurricular activities,

I went on one field trip in 9th grade, that's it.

Because we're not "well behaved enough"

To be freed from the cement walls of our lovely school.

So we're stuck listening to powerpoint presentations 

And sitting quietly doing packets and worksheets.

Because we're not "well behaved enough"

To be enlightened beyond the curriculum. 

So, too soon students start to request an early dismissal

Or half-hour bathroom breaks

Or do not make the request at all.

And teachers are left teaching to empty desks

As long as they pass

Who cares


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