The Empty (Cont...)

Thu, 02/06/2014 - 17:31 -- Salamat

It's strange. I feel so detatched from this.
From these people. A part of me is afraid that I don't belong here.
Like I'm not one of them. I feel...a lot. But somedays....
It's as if I don't exist; more I exist, just as nothing.
I know I am changing; I can't feel it, but I see it in my reactions.
I hope this is bringing me towards a greater place...
but I can't feel that now.
There is this emptiness where I felt I had hope.
This is not heartbreak, nor is it loss.
It's just that therewas something here,
and now it is not.
This is more like confusion without being confused.
I know what has happened. I know some people...
are more important than others, at least subjectively.
Almost like "It'll never happen to me."
Understanding I will never understand.


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