Emotions From Within My Spirit


Am I biolar?
It sure feels like it.
I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm happy, I'm bored, 
I'm frigtened, I'm frustrated and all over again.
The never ending roller coaster of emotions engulf me.
Am I a normal nineteen year old woman?
Or is there something else going on?
I find myself on the never ending search
on whether or not 
happiness is something you can touch, feel and taste
as oppose
to an illusion.
I consistently contemplate on if I should be loved or if I deserve stones tossed at my face.
Today I go from feeling worthless and hated to love and worthiness. 
I'm lonely, but I do not want any one to love me
Yes I do!!!!
What am I talking about?
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Love this!!!!! So easy to connect to, love the style, relevance, everything! Just one thing, I think you meant ‘bipolar’ at the beginning. This is poetry!!

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