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I'm about to spit you something lyrical

Have you feeling spiritual

Inspirational, sensational literacy

I'll make it out the NOLA just wait and I'ma show you

By attending college with my profound knowledge

You see my unique technique I'm about to bring to the table

To label, my crave able creativeness while shining through my uprising

Bursting like the sun shining, reminding that you can be the best so don't stress

Life’s a test and I don't want to make a mess so I'm here to hear a YES!

So accept

I'm like a painting blooming with colors cause I flutter with ambition and I'm here to make a difference to the rest

I want to lead, help others succeed, make kids believe that they can be what they want to be

C is for the courage of accepting what I'm stepping with

R is for recognizing what's real and letting it spill to heal the nastiness

E is for my eccentric effectiveness that festers deep within my creativeness

A is for the ambition of expressing myself cause it is my liberty

T is for the tolerance of the ignorant world cause your validation ain't important you can feed that to the birds

I is for illustration so can I show the whole human nation I ain't with the frustration cause I'm free and ain't a soul in the world can take that away from me

V is for value cause I tell you loud and clear that I can't fear what my mother gave birth to, it's time to heal

E is for the esteem I had to gain for myself cause no one else was going to take my pain for all the "you lame" and "you strange" that got thrown at my name but I ain't ashamed no more I decided to make a change and kill that evil monster that gave me the suicidal rang, it's time to heal and let my greatness soak and spread to the youth all these words I just spoke

and that's why the poetic structure of my brain I want to see flourish so I can nourish the minds of the impressionable so I can open the eyes of the young and what they deem acceptable

I want the youth to embrace their quote unquote different side so they can strive and shine light on the quality that gives them the ability to dream again so I scream to them be who you are because me that's who I'll be and that's the most unique quality by far and that right there is what I want to bring to the universe.

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