Embers and Aqua

Covered in a fury of flames,And subsequent smoke,I called for some water to quench myparched self.So you,My beautiful,Last signal flare,guided me to your outstretched arms.You became my oceanOf loveAnd shallow devotion.I grasped for your hand,Searching for a maskTo help me see through your chaotic wavesBut you pulled me through without a thought.You yanked me through the twisting tunnelsAnd cavernous cavesAs you lead me toYour so called healing remedy.I closed my eyes and hope for the bestBut you just lay me down to rest.To rest in the wide open pool of starving sharksAs you left me alone to tread water in the dark.You tricked me into trusting you,Just like the unpredictable sea,To smother my dancing flamesOh Silly me.You weren’t my savioror even a vast and calming oceanoh no.you were a sea of gasoline.


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