Elusive Beauty


United States
37° 12' 22.32" N, 76° 34' 39.792" W

There are men more clever than I. Thousands of handsome faces to steal you away. Confident Trojans, brooding, drunk musicians whose songs envelope you in swift, obvious seduction. Bullshit poets. Tale as old as time. I could act out a part that would attract you. A smooth Lothario with perfectly delivered lines. You want a simpleton. You want what doesn't want you. But that is not who or what I am. I am too real for you. I touch you like no one else and make the waters of your body calm. You seek me out only in dark times when the world has forgotten you. I never forget. So go ahead and burn me down. Dance and forget me while you're still young. I'll be here, waiting. Like the Sun in love with the Moon, I never get to occupy the sky with you.


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