On Einstein's General Relativity

On Einstein's General Relativity :)


Time unbroken,

pushes it's eternal expanse.

A dimensionless space

gone with every fleeting glance.


Men of the experiment,

Oft left remorse and destitute.

Haunted in anguish by

the plight of turbulent fruit.                (Literal fruit, i.e. Newton)


How is it that we are?

Our souls, body, and might,

How are we governed,

by the celestial bodies of the night?


A man of wisdom and his inquisition,

Driven by unparalleled aspiration.

Newton had discovered the law:

Force = mass x acceleration


The news spread across the land,

for the unbreakable laws were set to reign.

Yet time remained unbroken,

And space in disdain.


A mischievous youth appeared on the scene,

unafraid to run into that dark night.

the youngster went fast and furious,

obsessed with the speed of light.                    (Einstein)


A time of celestial politics,

Predominantly remained conservative.           (Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy)

Energy and mass was sustained

Why look for an alternative?


A drawn portrait of the universe

Framed in inertial reference.                           (General Relativity, c is constant at all inertial

could not change despite velocity                  reference frames)

The speed of light was a preference.


A Liberal liability,

 a change in the law,

an altercation of physics,

 that only  Einstein foresaw!


Alone, in solitude,

 classical space and time could not stand,

The Ancient laws of Newton,

were stuck in solemn  reprimand.


A time of confusion,

A time of a war.

Yet time was unbroken,

 Einstein implored.


The speed of light was constant,

no matter the personal speed,

foreboding that time or distance,

had to secede.


Thus an accelerating world,

of simple harmonic motion

relatively a dilation,                            (General Relativity Time dilation)

in the space time notion.


Time untaken, mistaken,

has been awarded to all,

Undeniably connected,

to the universe's protocol.


So, how is it that we are?

Our souls body and might.

How is our world governed,

by the celestial bodies of the night?


It is time, and space,

upon which, we cannot doubt,

It is a matter of our existence,

It is my time I cannot live without.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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