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Albert EinsteinExpanded our view beyond the skylineReluctant superstar and intellectual forceRelatively speaking, of course! . . © 2019 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved. . .
My particles buzz In vibrations. I’m trying to keep myself a solid, But I’m slipping down to absolute zero. My structure is hapless within
On Einstein's General Relativity :)   Time unbroken, pushes it's eternal expanse. A dimensionless space gone with every fleeting glance.   Men of the experiment,
A HeroIs someone who people Look up too, they depend On them. Heroes are Strong In muscle and heart.  
What is it that makes us        think....... that stirs our thought and makes a boat sink?     We think of very little in the class, for we ourselves have no class
The test tubes bubble in the silence, Their toxic heartbeat strong and loud. Cabinets like sentries frame the wall, Stiff-backed, tall and proud. Atop these, Einstein glares down, Shunning imitation human brains
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