How do others expect me to describe you?

How do you describe what growing feels like?

How do you describe what breathing feels like?

How do you describe what being asleep feels like?

These are feelings which all people know well.

Still, they seem quite unexplainable.


You are worth more than the vibrations my vocal chords and oxygen I breathe,

To form clumsy sentences that could never depict you quite right.


But if I picked a metaphor trying to define you,

You are the sun, shining so persistently,

You are almost ten minutes ahead, always.

I am the moon, cold and modestly quiet.

I am covered in craters, like old puffy scars.


No one pictures me differently than

Without your rays glorifying my body each night.

It’d be impossible to see any part of me.


Every 18 months,

You sacrifice a few minutes.

You let me pass in front of you.

You get a glimpse of my dark side.

In that moment of privacy from the Earth,

We share our company in a new light with only us.


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