Easy Life

The best things in life are given, wisdom, love and peace. The goal is bending without breaking, The answer is to refuse defeat. Imagine a world united, fighting the battles of hunger and greed, imagine a future of prosperity, imagine knowing the difference between want and need. I challenge myself daily, maybe you can do the same, be someone's miracle in secret, without being a hero on your facebook page. 50 Likes for your good deed, you've already received your reward, nothing will work better tho, if only seen by the lord. Take a leap of faith, maybe stop and talk to a stranger, ask them who they are, maybe treat them like a neighbor. Too many times I catch myself praying, usually when I WANT something in return, Never do I stop just to be thankful, for every second I've had on this earth. The world is more than able, To help everyone in need, It's up to you to be a hero, Be the reason we believe.


Need to talk?

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