Drugs is not for me

Music is my high,

Soda is my drink.

Sugar is my ecstasy,

Laughter is my drunkenness.

Comedy is my anti-drug,

Strobe lighting is my LSD.

Dreaming is my hallucinogen.


Imagination is as psychedelic as I can get.

Being with family is when I'm as relieved as I can get.

Happiness is as sober as I can get.

Abstention is as stimulated as I can get.

Roaming is when I am as relaxed as I can get.


Poetry is my coping,

Art is my creative outlet.

Writing is my addiction,

Reading is my inhalation.

Exercise is my steroid,

Food is my shrooms,

Cooking is my sniff.


Gaming is as tripped out as I can get.

Being with friends is when I'm as hyped as I can get.

Depression is as down as I can get.

Inner strength is as strong as I can be addicted.

Internet browsing is as stoned as I can get.


Dancing is my adrenaline,

Overtiredness is my hangover.

Cake mix is my acid,

Sparkling juice is my booze.

Sobriety is my perspective,

Shopping is my drug-dealing.

Healthy as can be, drugs not for me.



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