The Drowning


United States
42° 44' 0.0348" N, 87° 49' 31.8036" W

The storm in the distance begins to stir,
And here I stand with the ice beneath my feet.
The gusting wind is cold, harsh, and bitter,
The snowdrifts are building around the lake,
While the clouds begin to blanket the sun.

The burdens and regrets I bear weigh me down,
They drag behind me like an anchor on the reef,
But they are my burdens to bear.
As a failing bridge begins to bow,
The weight of them begins to build.

The weight cracks the ice beneath my feet
And within two seconds I’m ten feet under.
These anchors drag me to the sea’s bottom
As I struggle to find an exit in the heaven above:
Light shimmering, rays dancing, blue hues darkening.

Trying to scream for someone to hear me,
But I’m thirty feet under in the dark murky bottom.
All of the air escapes my lungs and fills with water,
Like a sinking ship’s broken hull and stern,
And I the captain go down with my ship.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

sounds like a scene in a movie
very graphic and descriptive
great job-keep writing
im a power poetry mentor


Thank you that means a lot! Do you have any tips for my next one? And do you happen to know if I can use this poem as my poem for the Slam what you will?

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