What can you say


What can you do


You beat me down


Until I'm through


Not till now 


Have I felt this urge


I thought it left


But apparently not


To draw the blade


Over and Over


But I can't


I won't


I have to stay strong


I can't stop crying


And my heart is bleeding


I even wanted to die


You may go on


Thinking it's over


But it shall stay permanent


In My Mind


I thought I won the war


But that was just a battle


So now I'm on the front line


Once again


I want to give up


Just let it be over


But I continue on


In hopes that you'll suffer


But you won't


And I know


That maybe I'm truly alone


Because how do you tell someone


How do you let them in


They have their own pain


I don't want to add to it


I wasn't wanted


At least not at first


But it just seems to be growing slowly worse


And I wonder


Where will be the breaking


The total loss


The let go


How much more can I hold


Before I lose control


I need someone to reach out


A helping hand


But not out of pity or sadness


Just know what I'm going through


Don't force me to talk about it


I don't need a psychiatrist


I just need a hand to hold


And someone to say


Everything's gonna be alright


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