Dropping the "f" bomb


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wouldn't it be nice to start off by saying what the fuck
sounds ignorant right, like mitt romney wining the elections, best of luck
homeless man killing a person for a buck
what the fuck
females acting like birds in the bronx, just disperse and cluck
what the fuck
the knicks getting rid of jeremy lin, organization suck
what the fuck
dodge bullets in the bronx and duck
what the fuck
person committing a crime and escape in a truck
what the fuck
did i drop "f" bombs?
i did, damn what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Dropping the 'F' Bomb" has a powerful sense of rhythm which really adds to the flow of the poem, as well as a bitter/sarcastic sense of irony toward the end. A powerful depiction of life as it unfortunately exists in some places.

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thanks for the support
im humbly appreciative of your perspective about my poem


you rock

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thank you sweetie for the comment
check out my other poems-give me feedback
i will continue to rock lol ;)


I love the rhythm in this and the description. It's a great piece and I'm eager to read more!

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thank you for your comment

check out my other poems

appreciate your feedback-very humble

this poem is made to be honest, and humorous

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